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Satin Dollz Bring Big Band Sounds of WWII America to New York City

The Satin Dollz make national news during their photo shoot for the NYC chapter - July 11, 2022


2022 Hot List

Pump Out the USO-Style Retro at Your Event With The Satin Dollz. The Satin Dollz make the "Hot List" - article by MeetingsToday.com


All About Jazz Review

The Satin Dollz released their first album November 2020. Nick Mondello from All About Jazz weighs in.


Marjorie Magazine

Album Review

 Marjorie Magazine shares their first impressions of "Pin Up Revolution" album


Vintage Woman

Album Review

The Vintage Woman covers the origins of The Satin Dollz and discusses the new album.

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Burlesque Baby Magazine Interview

Interview with The Satin Dollz


RetroBomb Magazine Interview

Interview with The Satin Dollz


Stalletto Magazine Interview & Layout

Interview with The Satin Dollz